Luís Filipe Salgado Pereira Rodrigues


Rua de Celanova, 331 

4780-734 Santo Tirso  


Contact: 966274727



Year Graduated, University/ relevant degree course

He did a course in Fine Arts from the University of Oporto (Portugal), he did an MA in Art Education in Fine Arts from the University of Lisbon (Portugal) and he is a student of Architecture Doctorate (PhD) in the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon (Portugal) since 2008.





Year, Group Exhibition/ Solo Exhibition, Gallery name, Location

Since 1992, he participated in 80 exhibitions of paintings (three of them in Amsterdam, two in Spain and the other in Portugal). Since 2002, he made 5 solo exhibitions of painting, one with photographs, and four with drawings. He made 16 lectures about art and drawing. He published 23 articles on art and drawings.


Solo exhibitions:


1.       Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography of the district of Setúbal (11 drawings) – (Portugal)

2.    Cultural Centre of Macedo de Cavaleiros (8 paintings) – (Portugal)


3.    Archeology and Ethnography Museum of Setúbal District (11 drawings) – (Portugal)



Ars GEometrica Galéria, Eger – (Hungary) (2013/2014)

Monnumental Gallery, Lisbon. – (Portugal)


Figueira da Foz Art and Spectacles Center (25 photos). Portugal


House of Dr. House (Order Doctors in Port) (13 tables) - Oporto. Portugal


Gallery Vilar (ARVORE) (28 frames) - Oporto. Portugal


Quasiloja Gallery (14 pictures) - Oporto. Portugal


OM Gallery (8 pictures) - Penafiel. Portugal


Collective exhibitions:


1.       Osten Biennial of Drawing Skopje 2016.

2.       Department of Culture; co-organizer: Xi’an University Of Architecture And Technology. Xi’an (China). (3 drawings)

3.       Mathematical Visual Arts Bridges, University of Jyväskylä,, Finland.

4.       Artmap – Pote de Lima. Portugal

5.       Carmen de Miranda, Art award. Marco de Canavezes, Portugal.


6.       Oporto Gallery, Oporto (1 drawing);

1.       11ª Edição do “Concurso de Artes Plásticas da Fundação Inatel”, Lisbon (1 drawing) won the 1st prize;

2.       Gallery Monumental, Lisbon (3 drawings);

3.       Gallery Oporto Oriental (2 drawings);



7.       Department of Culture; co-organizer: Xi’an University Of Architecture And Technology. Xi’an (China). (1 drawing)

8.       International DrawingTriennial “Black and White”, in Tallinn, Estónia. (4 drawings)

9.       Gallery Shair (Gallery Emergentes DST), Braga. (1 drawing)

10.    XVII Biennial of  Art in Cerveira. (1 drawing)

11.    Gallery Oporto Oriental, Oporto. (4 drawings)



Mathematical Art Galleries (Seoul), Gwacheon National Science Museum – Korea)

Gallery Shair – em Braga (4 pinturas de cerca de 130x130cm) – Portugal

Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts Black and White IV, in Toronto.

(The exhibit is inspired by Truman Capote’s 1966, Black and White Ball, held at the Grand Ballroom of New York City's Plaza Hotel.  It was considered to be "the most posh event, not just of the year, but also of the decade, and maybe even the century.")

“Art Today” in the National Society of Fine Arts – Lisbon.



Gallery São Mamede, Lisbon.

XVII Bienal das Artes Plásticas da Festa do Avante 2013, Seixal.

Propeller Centre for the Visual Arts presents the Annual Curated exhibition, Darkness at the edge… Curated by Thom Sokoloski: June 13- July 7, 2013, Toronto.



Drawings (Drawing Movement Three ages 2012) Olga Santos Gallery, in OOporto. Portugal

"Fado ao Norte" Ermesinde Cultural Fórum, in Ermesinde. Portugal

São Mamede Gallery, in Lisbon. Portugal

"Fado ao Norte", the House Gallery, in Santo Tirso. Portugal.




Gallery São Mamede, in Lisbon. Portugal

ÁRVORE - Oporto. Vilar Gallery (TREE) (28 frames) - Oporto. Portugal

Fine Arts Show - Setúbal. Portugal

"Abel Manta Painting Prize" - Gouveia. Portugal



Walls Gallery, Amsterdam:



Year, Award Name, Location

He won three awards, one in Art Prize of Inatel Foundation of Portugal, one on Prize acquisition in the contract "5th Prize Fidelity Young Painters" sponsored by Fidelity Insurance Agency, Lisbon (1998) and one on education (Award in the Project "Speak and Report - A challenge of the century. XXI "; consequent participation as one of the speakers at the workshop whose theme was "Communication in the School Context", Oporto (2004))


Entities in which works were integrated into respective collections:


Inatel Foundation of Portugal. Association of Estonian Printmakers Graphic Arts) of Tallin (it has 101 members and it has organized the Drawing Triennials in Tallinn since 2002, in Estónia). Museum of Archeology and Ethnography of the district of Setúbal; Champalimaud Foundation; Mário Soares Foundation; Fado Museum; Amalia Rodrigues House Museum; Amadeu de Souza-Cardoso Museum; Municipality of Penafiel; The Medical Association; Fidelity Insurance Company



He published a book called "Drawing, Creating and Consciousness" with a text made by myself (280 pages) and, in the same book, 11 interviews (250 pages) to 2 (architects Álvaro Siza Vieira and Alcino Soutinho) and 9 artists. (This book was in the best bookstores in the country: FNAC, Bertrand, Almedina, Wook, Bulhosa, etc.).


E-book: Gardens-Gardner-Gardening. Carpter: "Daphne: Dialectic between myth and poetic" Luís Filipe Rodrigues, in PIRES, Helena, MORA, Teresa Azevedo, Ana Francisca, FLAG, Miguel soups (eds.) (2014), Gardens - Gardeners - Gardening, CECS - Communication and Society Studies Center / CICS - Centre for Research in Social Sciences - LASICS, Braga, University of Minho. 2014. Pp. 193-209 ISBN 978-989-8600-22-6




Site: (art works in “Gallery de fotos”):




My Project:

Title: “This is not a Drawing”

The project has more than 90 drawings.

I intend to think about the Drawing, writing the sentence “This is not a Drawing” but drawing the letters through an original way. My inspiration was René Magritte and his artwork "Ceci n'est pas une pipe".





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